Capturing the Abstract Qualities of the Alla Prima Still Life and Portrait


Capturing the Abstract Qualities of the Alla Prima Still Life and Portrait


Alla Prima Portrait and Still-life with a focus on Abstraction

Alla Prima painting, or wet into wet, single session painting is a stimulating method which teaches you to be present in every brush stroke, focusing only on the essentials, ultimately giving you great dexterity and control. With demonstration and gentle critique, Gena Brodie Robbins will challenge you to correctly observe and record the fundamentals: shapes, values, edges and color.

 In this workshop Robbins will combine portraiture, along with still life, and abstraction.

 This workshop will be a comprehensive study into painting the “Alla Prima” still life and portrait in oils. A demonstration each morning will be given while discussing the key elements that makeup not only an accurate still life and portrait but a compelling painting. The fundamentals of a painting are key to achieving a solid effect of light and form in paint, but great still life and portraiture goes beyond this, and captures a sense of breath and liveliness in the finished painting. Students will paint after the morning demo and individual help will be given to each student as they work from a still life on day one and day two and a live model on day two and three. Not only will advisement be given on the current painting, but help for students as a whole to achieve the next desired level in their work will be provided . All of the techniques of painting will be covered from drawing, composition, color, value, and edges, as well as how to bring a a still life and portrait to a likeness and ultimately capture a sense of life and vibrancy in the finished painting.

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Supply List:

Oil Paints: Flake White, Ivory Black, Prussian Blue, Raw Sienna, Yellow Ochre, Naples Yellow, Cadmium Yellow, Medium Cadmium Red, Light Alizarin Crimson, Burnt Sienna, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Sap Green, Pthalo Green

Surfaces: •A pad of Arches Oil Paper -12"x16" -This will be attached to a drawing board you will need to bring. If you would like, you may work also on board or canvas, stretched at least 9 x12 to 16 x 20 inches in size, primed)

•Palette: suggestions: -a sturdy rectangular glass palette which fits into a paintsaver box with the blue lid, or New Wave Palettes.?

• Palette Knife

•Turp (odorless mineral spirits)I like Gamsol, to thin paint and clean brushes and palette.

• Linseed Oil, to use as medium 

•2 Containers for turp: one large for cleaning brushes, and one small for clean turp that you will use to thin your paint as you go.


• Artist’s Tape and a support in which to secure your your oil paper

Brushes: Various sizes, preferably a flat, around 1 to 1/2 inch in size along with a few smaller flats or filberts, and assorted rounds, and one or two detail brushes.

Chairs, tables, and table easels are provided. However, drawing boards and standing easels are not. You will beed to bring these if you are used to standing when painting.

Facility: The Tannery Row has plenty of parking in the back behind the building. There is a utility sink where you may wash your brushes. There is also a lined bucket for you to place any used, solvent filled rags or towels.