Workshops @ Brodie Studio

Below are upcoming and current workshops, classes, lessons and sessions offered at Brodie Studio, located in downtown Buford, Georgia. at the Tannery Row Artist Colony, Studio #96, 554 West Main Street, Building C.

Please visit periodically as workshops are added continually.

Workshop registrations close 1 WEEK before the workshop begins.




PLEASE NOTE:Open Model Figure Drawing Sessions will meet the second and fourth Sunday and Monday of Each Month.


Featuring a different muse each session (male and female), the Open Model Nude Figure Drawing Sessions are the 2rd and 4th Sunday from 3:00-5:30pm-following the traditional format of gesture, short, and long poses.The Costumed Open Model Sessions meet on the 2nd and 4th Monday from 4-6:30 pm and are long pose. The fee is $15. Please Enroll below! Bring choice of media, newsprint and sketchpad/paper. Chairs, easels, and drawing horses, dramatic lighting, and light refreshments provided.


Water Color Painting Basics Class

Learn to create a variety of color washes, gradients, and more. Create interesting compositions of a delightful still life bathed in natural north light from the historical warehouse windows of Brodie Studio, situated in the heart of the Tannery Row Artist Colony in Buford Ga.


Expressive Approaches to Drawing and Painting the Figure

Capturing the essence and gesture through suggested mark, color, and simplified shape is key and the focus of this workshop. A live model session will be offered on the second and third day.


Bigger, Bolder, Looser, Abstract Painting Workshop

Learn to work boldly and quickly with color and push the viscosity of paint to build and transform lively and fresh final painting(s). Develop layers of transparent and opaque shapes, and variety of line to give your surface the qualities it needs to add depth and interest.


Color Theory

In this three day workshop, learn the "theory" behind mixing colors, learn how "less is more" for good color harmony with in your palette, and learn to work with the colors of your choice, and more, while working this knowledge into your painting of a provided still life

Create several color charts and other small color studies leading up to a larger study of a still life. Begin with learning to mix a limited palette, slowly adding additional colors. Learn how to see color accurately through a variety of tools and guides sure to advance your color knowledge and confidence when diving into your next color filled painting.


Self Promotion

Learn the ropes of putting together a strong portfolio of your work (including designing business and postcards) that will help you to soar through the challenging maze of the art marketing world. Explore the most professional and effective ways to present, frame, pack, and exhibit your work.


Drawing into Painting- Mixed Media Workshop

Explore combining collaged materials, dry media and other mark making materials such as ink and water soluble graphite with painting mediums such as watercolor, gouache and acrylics. Choose to work from photographs, drawings, or your imagination or all three!


Saturday Morning Art Ventures

Sign Up for just one Saturday or two, three, maybe four or more!!!! Come every Saturday if you wish!! BRING your own image or choose from an image bank I have in the studio. Bring in an object, or paint from available still life objects.


Tuesday Critiques

Gather around in a semi-circle of other artists while discussing the fundamentals of each artist’s work. Share your work with others to gain insight in your process and the process of others, while analyzing the placement of various elements and principles of art throughout each artist’s work in progress.


Private Art Lessons

Sometimes, all it takes is a few private art lessons from a knowledgable and patient instructor to set you off and running as an artist. Perhaps you have attained an acrylic paint set or oil paint set with mediums, but are unsure how to begin using the mediums on your canvas.